Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ozzie's Adoption

Ozzie is now adopted! He was officially adopted on April 27th, 2014. He wasn't in the rescue very long (being picked up on the 2nd)-he didn't even make ACDR's official website before he had more than four applications in on him. He had a meet and greet at the Sun Valley Expo where he met his potential adoptive parents and their current dog. I warned his mom that he is still a gem in the rough (still working on pulling on lead), but that he is a loving dog. Ozzie went for a walk with the family, and then he walked away from the Expo as the newest member of their family! I'm so happy for him and his new family.

Ozzie's Adoption Photo
Ozzie will be going to learn how to be a true cowdog-he will be learning how to herd cows on the ranch from his brother, Gunner. This is such an ideal fit for Ozzie because he loves to roam and he showed that he had more energy than I initially thought when I got him (after a two hour hike and a half an hour nap, he was like "What's next?!" and he liked to chew on things (sometimes not appropriate items, but with this job to do, he'll be too tired to get into any trouble). When Ozzie was meeting Gunner, Gunner politely asked Ozzie to get out of his face (lifted his lips), and Ozzie actually listened! I was incredibly happy. When Ozzie first came in, he would just hover in dogs' faces, jump on them to ask them to play, and didn't seem to register when they tried to turn away or walk away that they weren't interested-he would just continue to pester them and lick their face without reading any of their signals.

 Ozzie's parents say that he's settling in nicely, and he looks so happy!
Here are a few pics of Ozzie on his first evening home for you to enjoy:

Ozzie wrestling with his new brother, Gunner

We already have a new foster guy who will be joining us. He will be coming after he gets his neuter and check-up at the vet. We'll introduce him once he joins us.

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